Telerob, leverantör till Defendor, tar steget in i framtiden med ny logotyp och förbättrade bombrobotar

Vår leverantör Telerob från Ostfildern är nu efter några år inom Cobham Group tillbaks i egen regi. I sitt senaste nyhetsbrev visar företaget upp sin nya grafiska profil och presenterar resultatet av avancerad produktutveckling.

Vi hoppas och tror att Telerob nu kan fokusera all kraft på utveckling och support till våra kunder.

Bombrobotar med bättre prestanda

Läs vårt utdrag från Telerobs nyhetsbrev.

EOD robot telemax PLUS

• functionality
• power
• payload
• endurance

• increased lifting capacity up to 75 kg
• 4-chain drive running gear with a top speed of up to 4 km/h
• world-famous telemax manipulator arm with its outstanding capabilities such as TCP control and automatic tool change
• great choice of same batteries, tools, accessories and sensors as for all members of the telemax family
• up to 12 h of continuous operation time (4 Li-ion batteries 40 Ah)

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Gripper PRO till EOD robot tEODor

• Camera with wide angle lens and LED lighting
• Integrated laser rangefinder
• Integrated video input
• Integrated data interface
• Exceptionally well-built housing including protection against wear
• Optimized shape of gripper jaws
• Measurement of gripper opening width

Your benefits
• Wider field of view and bright lighting
• Exact display of distance to the object on the control panel
• Automatic tool change for NBC detection equipment, inspection cameras and aiming systems
• Data transmission via video input or data interface without disturbing cables
• More reliability when gripping round and/or smooth objects
• Display of opening width when opening or closing gripper

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RoboMouse for EOD robot telemax

• Simple and intuitive use
• Easy-to-learn
• One mouse only for both joystick functions of the manipulator
• Fully compatible with all telemax control panels

Your benefits
• Easy control of the complex Tool Center Point Control (TCP) performance
• Quick learning and safer controlling
• The mouse is deflected corresponding the 6 axes of the gripper movement
• Controlling is also possible at any time using the left joysticks
• No switching between modes when changing between translation and orientation
• Simple upgrade of the telemax control panel via USB connection

Läs mer på Telerobs hemsida.